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My theme for weddings is very much a narrative one which means I like to tell the story of the day. It starts with a few photographs the week before the wedding as a prologue, then continues with the bride just prior to getting her hair and make up done, on throughout makeup and dressing, through the ceremony to the reception, first dance etc and on to the end of the night when the couple leaves the venue. The entire story is told via posed and candid photographs taken throughout that whole period virtually non stop. A wedding can mean 16 non-stop hours of work for me just to get the photos in the camera.

The style is very much dictated by the couple and their personality and wishes but tends to be romantic. I have so far enjoyed success in showing the loving connection between the bride and groom, and also the couple and their friends and family throughout the night. 

During at least 2 meetings prior to the wedding a whole list of scenarios is discussed and the type of shots the couple prefer and any specific requirements they have, including the list for formal group portraits. During this period it is determined what style is going to work best and how to use the individual personalities of the bride and groom to ensure I get the best photos for them. 

One of the things I tell each couple is that they have paid a lot of money for the dress and other accessories, a lot of money for a venue, a large amount to feed the guests and offer entertainment and it’s probably one of the last times they will ever see all of these people together in their life times. The dress is never worn again, the venue is only for the night, the food and drink is consumed and the only thing that endures for the lifetime of their love apart from love itself, are the photographs. 

They are precious because they are unique in being the only thing apart from their love that lasts and can be touched and looked at over and over again at will. Such enduring memories must be preserved accurately hence my approach to the day in determining personality and character, in showing connections and feelings and in recording events within a visual story that can never be forgotten because it will last forever.

It’s difficult to give a small idea of what a wedding day was like without the entire album, however here are a selection of photographs from the last few weddings I’ve covered that give an idea of the range of styles I can use to provide each couple with the memory that best suits them.

If you’re planning a wedding and my style suits you please don’t hesitate to contact me using the ‘contact us‘ page. Caramel photography doesn’t support ‘packages’, we simply work like everyone else for an hourly rate plus any expenses so it is simple and straight forward to plan and control what you spend on your wedding.

We also support Asian weddings, same sex weddings and other ‘non-standard’ ceremonies.

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Natalie and Nicki


Karen and Andrew


Gaynor and Ian


Fiona and Keith


Clare and Jon


Sharon and Mark


Laura and Paul


Lynsey and Richard


Eleanor and John