Product shots

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Product shots can be a wide variety of things, from items for sale on ebay, to industrial machinery, to arcane parts for machines, to jewellery and there are different techniques for photographing different products.

Jewellery demands a very sharp, bright and detailed shot, usually in a light tent, possibly using various fabrics and other textures for bases. Whereas machine parts may be presented better on a plain white base so that you can clearly see their shape. Heavy machinery is difficult to make look attractive, it’s all about lighting and placement skills. People are more interested in a photograph of a JCB in a nice environment than they are of seeing one on a building site, odd but true.

There’s no greater truth than saying great photographs sell, which is why many people who sell items regularly look to professional photographers, they value that great image as they know it can sell or promote effectively.

Here’s a selection of items that I’ve been tasked to photograph recently for web pages, brochures and catalogues:

(These are supposed to view with transparent backgrounds but sadly this catalogue doesn’t support transparencies)