Other commercial

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I’ve titled this ‘Other commercial’ as there are so many things that can be photographed commercially. Not all have a simple and neat title so they’ll all be lumped under the one title for the purposes of this site.

As examples of my work in this area I included some interior shots of a pub, and some of a restaurant that I was paid to shoot. Opening any new business isn’t easy but a food business is perhaps harder than some as there is so much competition. The photos have to show the warm welcome that awaits customers and the delicious food that is served there, or the exciting drinks that can be bought. Sometimes getting customers in can depend almost entirely on the visual aspect: if people like what they see then they are more likely to visit. If the photos are bad photos or if there are no photos then there is no measure to make a decision with.

Personally I find food photography quite easy and straight forward, possibly because I love food so I know how it should look! If the food is presented well by a chef who cares about presentation, then it can be photographed well by a photographer who cares about what it looks like as the looks can get the juices flowing before you even smell or taste the food.

Visualising a warm and welcoming environment in a pub is much more difficult. It depends to a large extent on what the internal layout and decor is like and how the photographer can best present it. I hope my examples suggest how I did, and if you have an interior you wish to be presented in photos I’d be happy to discuss your needs with you. As always the initial consultation to determine if we can work together is completely free and if we decide to go ahead fees are simple and straightforward with no hidden charges. Use our contact us page if you wish to make contact regarding any work you would like undertaking.