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My first love in photography was landscapes: it still remains the thing I do the most and I don’t do it for work, I do it for pleasure. I love the outdoors anyway, being able to bring back some of my great outdoor memories as beautiful images instead of mud from my boots is a wonderful thing and I get immense pleasure from it.

However when I say landscapes I really mean just outdoor shots. I regularly shoot landscapes, but I also do cityscapes, seascapes, sunrises and sunsets, street photography and a bit of what some might call architectural photography. I tend to lump it all under the generic title of ‘landscape’ but it really isn’t the same.

I do have a handful of what we call POD sites: Print On Demand. I upload my images to their site, you can browse them along with those from many other photographers and when you order a print or canvas from them they fulfil your order and I get a cut. It’s a simple way of selling online without having to manage orders and money etc. However I will eventually be selling all of my landscape type images from here too. You will see that option to add items to the shopping cart once it’s finalised, which won’t be for some time yet. What you can do for now is view some of my outdoor portfolio which I include here.

I hope you enjoy looking at them and if you do see one you’d like to buy please visit my POD site and purchase from there.

Thanks for looking.

Some of my photographs from 2016

Some of my photographs from 2015

Some of my photographs from 2014

Some of my photographs from 2013