About me

Caramel photography is Gary Finnigan, amateur-pseudo-quasi-pro photographer from Durham in northern England. I started life as a strict amateur vowing I’d never take photographs for a living. Somehow I ended up doing just that and I realise now that I love it. I pick and choose my own work of course and up until now I’ve always found work through word of mouth.

However I work nationally now and I’m never more than 24 hours away from anywhere in the UK and 48 hours from most places in Europe: so it’s time to spread my wings and put the word out.

For those interested in technical details I use some cameras and some lenses that were far more expensive than they’re worth, plus tons of gear that supports them -mostly lighting equipment. Is that technical enough for you?

I can be commissioned for any kind of work: portraits; christenings; weddings; prom shoots; product shots; interior photos; travel shots; pets and boudoir as well as dudeoir. Yes, dudes like sexy shots too.

If you have something in mind check out my galleries to get an idea of the kind of work I do and contact me if you wish to arrange a meeting or simply discuss things further.

Looking forward to hearing from you.